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    I was playing with the palm install disc last night and tried avvenu. On the way to work I was able to download an mp3 from my collection and play it. Pretty cool. Anyone else have any experience with it? Such as streaming.
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    I haven't tried streaming on it, but I use it everyday. I pay for the cloud storage as well, but it's remote google desktop searches have been invaluable. Now if it sync'd files like Foldershare, I'd be good to go. Since it doesn't, I use both (foldershare is free and is a terrific product, just awesome). They work just fine on the same machine.
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    I haven't used it at all to stream yet but I love Avvenu for things such as retrieving work documents remotely from my 700P. I can also download and swap out playlists and MP3's when on the road. Love the Avvenu. Love the Avvenu.

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    Is there a big difference between Avvenu and Orb when it comes to accessing docs from the road. It seems like Orb has that feature, although I have never actually tried downloading anything using Orb. Anyone try this new service, Glide?
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    works great for me. I dont use it much but its nice when I need it.

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    I find Avvenu great for accessing documents. It even has the option to download a bunch of documents at the same time in a ZIP format, useful when accesing my files remotely from another computer. It is a tad faster than Orb for that purpose actually.

    For streaming Media (audio/video), better stick withother approaches such as Orb.

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