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    Anyone else notice a faint "bzz....zz...zzz...zzzzz..zzzz" in the background on calls in quiet rooms? It sounds like the interference GSM phones cause in nearby speakers. It's not a huge deal but it's kind of irritating. I do remember hearing it on the Treo 650 as well.
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    So nobody notices this at all? Is my treo defective?
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    "60cycle hum" from poorly shielded power lines closeby. Some phones are more susceptible than others.

    Are you using a headset? I often hear it on my BB 8700, and occasionally on the 680. In fact, the 680 is affected by it less than my 8700.
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    Well, I've noticed that the 680 /causes/ this inteference in /other/ unshielded devices about as much as my 650 did. But I have never heard this interference on calls I've placed from the phone (either of them). In fact, if you know what causes the staccato effect, you'd understand why. It is caused by the GSM radio turning on and off during short bursts of communication (incl data) with the cell network -- and was supposed to, as I understand it, help reduce power consumption.

    So... if you had *another* GSM device nearby and were on a call, it might be possible the other device could cause interference. But if your GSM radio starts causing the random bits of interference, then you're probably dropping calls. If you sit the Treo next to an unshielded amplification source (external PC speakers work great) and make a call, you'll notice the staccato interference changes to a constant hum as the call sets up... the radio basically stays on constantly during a call.
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    I understand the nature of GSM intereference, but I actually can hear it faintly in the earpiece. If you place a call in a quiet area when neither party is talking you can hear a buzz exactly like the interference a GSM device causes on TVs/speakers. On my unit anyway.
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    My original Treo 680 had this problem as well. I heard a crackling sound coming from the speaker when the phone app was loaded. I just took my phone back to Cingular and exchanged it. The new one does not have this problem.

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