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    Just ordered one for myself with the discount. I hope I like it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by seidioseidio View Post
    For Treocentral Members Only and From Dec 19 to Dec 25, 2006 Only!

    Starting today and ending at midnight Dec 25, 2006, if you buy any of the above products from our web store you will be able to save 20% for each product by using the code : TR7568DIS. Go to our site and purchase the the products that you desire. Then when you “checkout” and get to the Payment page, you will see a box asking for Discount Code, enter the code there.

    This offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Past purchases do not apply.
    This would be great, but I'm on the payment screen now and the code only generated a 20% discount on the cheapest product of the 3. ????
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    Oh sorry, now I see the key part: "any of the above products" - never mind
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    Thanks for the discount.!!!!
    "Actions speak louder than words!"

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    Great holster...
    Awesome design...I had it for 2 days...
    My Treo 680 fell off today from Seidio holster, now I have scratches on it...Poor Treo
    Not blaiming anyone...totally my fault.
    But I'm selling it.

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