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    Well after 6 months I received my check for $150 yesterday(Via Federal Express). Almost 6 months to the day that I had sent my 650 in to receive the "rebate" Initially powertrades was emailing me, saying the check was in the mail. Then inquiries to PowerTrades ceased. I contack Lynn at Palm Corporate and she worked almost 3 months before PowerTrades coughed up and paid. They said I did not have my apartment # listed on the rebate form. Without Palm researching this issue; I don't think I would have gotten the monies for the Palm. I guess that is a lesson learned (next time I will sell it on ebay or keep the phone as a spare)!
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    Yeah, I got mine right around Thanksgiving and I ordered my 700p and sent my 650 back the week it came out. That was the longest rebate return time I've ever had. I bet I could've gotten more than $150 for my mint condition 650 on eBay too.

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