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    Hi, I am looking for something very basic, but I am doubting this exists... I want to be able to check a log file and know when / how long I was offline. Am using Sprint and having Causerie polling constantly to keep me active (keep those blue arrows going). But sometimes it dies anyway and I would like to be able to keep tabs on how often it's working. Ideally I guess it would inform me if I have been 'offline' so I can check if Causerie hasn't reconnected...?
    Sprint Treo 700p. Disliked my WM5 pda in the short time I used it. Switching to Macbook Pro from desktop PC. But keeping my 10.4" tablet PC.
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    Causerie provides the support to archive all the chat transcripts for your future reference but you cannot check how long you were offline. Causerie’s Always ON feature allows you to receive messages always even when you are in sleep mode, lost data connection, in long phone call or even after a soft reset when in background mode. When Causerie is running is Background, it keeps checking for new messages, alerts etc. depending on Poll Interval you set. Ensure it is set to
    ‘Smart Mode - Fast’.

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