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    I've been using a trial version (0.99b) of TreoAlarm for many months. For some reason, it always seemed to work even though I never registered it.

    In the last few days, I've noticed this app doesn't work and I get the error message "Failed to download weather: Connection failed"

    I'm able to get emails and log on to the web, so it can't be my data connection.

    Anyone have ideas? Thanks, Casey.
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    If I remember correctly, once the trial expires it will no longer download weather but the alarms will still work. It would seem that your "many months" trial has finally ended and you might want to register.
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    Here's an update:

    My old TreoAlarm version started working again a couple hours idea why.

    Also, I finally went ahead and downloaded the latest version of TreoAlarm, and paid the $18.50 registration fee. Registering was always one of those items on my list of things to do!

    I was pleasantly surprised that upon checking for a new weather update (after registering), this in turn automatically changed the app's status from Trial to Registered. Very cool! Didn't have to wait for hours to get a password by email as with many other apps. I also like the new design.

    I have noticed something strange though. When I exit out of TreoAlarm, and come back into it, my registration status says "Evaluation". But if I click on update weather now, it changes to "Registered" status. The registration status goes back and forth between Evaluation and Registered when I exit and return back to the app, and click on the button to update weather now.

    Very strange! Anyone else experience this?
    Sprint 755p, 700p, 650 - I am not a geek! Really!
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    Wow, yuck.. Sorry. I have deleted Treo Alarm on my 650 because at least one morning of a week it would reset when attempting to fire off my wake up alarm. That, paired with some weirdness where it won't reboot if it's plugged into the charger, and you have me getting up late for work.

    No thanks.. I tossed it. It had more problem with gathering weather than anything else I've ever seen too.. I would have it updating weather a few times a day, and when I went to look it would be 3 days behind!

    Luckily I only paid $12 for it...
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    No casey, haven't seen that. Only weirdness I seem to run into is if I don't acknowledge an alarm, it sometimes prevents next alarm from working. For example, say I have it set to wake me up every weekday at 8 am and then turn on the phone and grab weather. If I don't acknowledge the wake up alarm, it sometimes wont drab the weather.

    Also if I leave it in my GPS cradle say over the weekend when I don't care when I get may not get he weather on Sat and Sun. Don't know whether this is a Seidio Cradle / GPS issue or a lack of alarm acknowledgment issue. The cradle also sometimes makes my BT headset drop out. Headset connects and then drops out 4 second slater. Repairing while in the cradle makes it disappear.
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    Mine says "Evaluation" under account type (it is registered), and "Never" under Expires (which is what matters).
    Like you, if I update the weather then check the about is says "registered" until I leave and come back (then is reverts back to "Evaluation").

    You can leave a note in the TreoAlarm forum (
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    is this now working with the 700p (and Chatter) - iirc there was a known issue a few months ago. I know it definately gave me fits... now I'm using 4cast somewhat successfully...

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