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    Update: I am not returning my Treo 680. I just heard from the developer of EzRocker, and there will soon be an update for the Treo 680. EzRocker is a program that Palm should include with all their Treos -- it makes it possible to use any and every program without a stylus.


    Sigh. I'm returning my Treo 680 to Palm. As much as I love the latest and greatest gadget (my book, Boys and Their Toys: Understanding Men by Understanding Their Relationship with Gadgets, was published last month,) I can't get beyond some of my favorite and essential programs not working on the 680.

    One of the best programs ever created, which I've mentioned on another thread, is EzRocker, which lets you turn your 5-way rocker into a virtual mouse -- with it you use your Treo 100 percent one-handed, stylus free. Unfortunately, EzRocker doesn't work on the 680. Neither does Plugforward, a program that automatically forwards calls to another number when the Treo is plugged into the charger.

    I haven't tried all my Treo 650 programs on the 680, but I've read the threads on software compatibility with the 680, and there are other programs I used that won't yet work on the Treo 680.

    I could hold onto my Treo 680 and wait for all those programs to be updated (hopefully), but that may be weeks or months away. The Treo 680 is smaller, has more memory, has a better keyboard design, but those things are outweighed by its reduced functionality. Plus, as has been pointed out, the 680's battery life isn't as good as the Treo 650's.

    Perhaps if the Treo 680 had some major improvements over the 650, such as a better camera, Bluetooth 2.0 or wifi, I would be holding on to it. But for now, as much as it pains me because the higher the model number the better, I'm sticking with my Treo 650.

    --Bill Adler
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