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    On the 650's phone app, there was an option to "typing starts contacts search"...however if it did not find a contact, then it would let you continue typing a telephone number.

    The logic was something like, if I can't find a contact then I will assume you want me to dial this phone number.

    On the 680, that does not seem to be the case. It either starts a contact search OR dials a phone number, not both?!

    This seems like a step backwards.

    Is there are work-around? Am I missing something?
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    yes, It is just a strange walkback..... 8-(

    I was also wondering wether I missed something to set...
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    They changed this back with the Treo 700p. Strange decision since it works the "old" way with their new WM5 based Treos.
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    Yes, this is perhaps the only thing that I don't like about the 680 at this point. It's really just a "retraining" issue to include another step to click the address book first, but it's slightly annoying - that was a really cool feature that I've enjoyed since the 270.


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