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    I just upgraded, with great regret, from my 600 to a 700p. I can't believe the changes that they made in the core Phone and Calendar Applications in the intervening two years. think that the

    1) The Phone Application has lost the very useful Favorites screen, and the
    2) Calendar Application has had its "week" view changed from actual words describing appointments to a field of boxes with little boxes inside of them.

    Is it me, or was it them? Are there any applications that I can get that would give me the functionality of these lost features?

    Any guidance would be appreciated.
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    The 600 had a version of Datebk as its app -- as the 600 was not developed by Palm but by Handspring and they must have licensed with Datebk for the claendar app on the 600. The 650 and on came with the standard Palm PIM apps.

    Check out Datebk5 (or are they on 6 now?) if you would like to get that functionality back. Of course -- you will have to pony up some more $$.

    Cheers, Perry.
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