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    Anyone know how to:

    1) Change the email client in the new favorites screen (I use Chatter, can't find an option to change the program launched by the "Email" option in the menu - seems locked into VersaMail.).

    2) Use that Main screen? I only see one calendar entry - a floating calendar event...seems to block all other events in the day. What is the point of this screen?

    3) Configure a speed dial like the older 600 and 650 models offered?
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $chatter$ $cannot$ $be$ $set$ $as$ $default$ $e$-$mail$.. $Snapper$/$versa$ $can$. $The$ $flaw$ $is$ $in$ $chatter$ $side$ $maybe$.
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    1.) Make a new favorite. The default email is locked and can't be edited.
    2.) The middle tab is the pretty picture screen. You can list the next appointment (only) and show a pretty picture (like most phones have). That's about it.
    3.) Go back to the favorites tab like in step 1. Add a speed dial favorite. When doing this you can assign a key to the favorite. Holding down the key when in the phone app will dial the number, go to the website, launch the app. Whatever you have set.
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    Thanks for the responses -

    As for the pretty picture screen...I'm finding that an untimed event "blocks" all other events from appearing. Nice implementation, Palm - way to go.

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