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    Except for the battery issues (which I'm hoping once I let the meter settle in after a week or so won't bother me as much), I'm absolutely loving my new 680. More memory makes using the palm so much nicer. More stable, more programs. All around good stuff.

    One odd behavior I've noticed though is the keyguard. Whatever is the first button I push to activate the keyguard, it actually does whatever it's supposed to do, /then/ the keyguard kicks in, locking input. It's a little odd seeing it switch to whatever program matches the button you pushed and then locking, but at least when I tested it with the security lock, that behaves as expected (mainly because it runs the lock program, then blanks the screen and runs keyguard).

    Is everyone else seeing this too?

    Anyway kinda weird, but not too big of a bug I suppose. Other than the fact that the palm might be switching applications a lot in my pocket when it shouldn't be doing anything at all. Maybe one minor part of the overall battery issue?
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    im seeing this too, but i like it.
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    Also seeing it here - and I too like it. It makes it possible to quickly get a glance at the calender/todo-list without having to unlock the phone - simply love it!
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    It's always been this way, even on the 650, so it's not a bug. Just hope you don't push the center key right after and you should be alright.
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    Yes, the power-on key always takes effect before keyguard engages, since the 600 in fact. So that's not a change.

    What is a change, is the way the 680 takes the keyguard window off the screen, and how long it takes before powering off of you don't hit the Center button. In the 600 and 650, an unacknowledged keyguard generally causes the Treo to power down in a few seconds. In the 680, after those few seconds, the keyguard window vanishes even though keyguard is still engaged. If you hit a key, the window will come back. If you don't, it will take 30 seconds or more to power down.

    I think this is unnecessary, and a bad idea for saving power too. Maybe that's just me...
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    Mine shuts down after 5 secs if I don't touch a key after the keyguard popsup.

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