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    Hello All,

    Just wondering if anyone has both a 680 and and hotsync them both on the same computer.

    My wife has a new 680 and I would like to use a different computer login but same computer to hotsync. My guess is that the 680 install program will override the 700P install... Anyone have any issues or suggestions?
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    I'm not sure about the 700P, but I know from my experience that the 650 and 680 can coexist.
    Are the 700P conduits the same as 650?
    Knowing that the install of the later software would probably override, I uninstalled the 650's Palm Desktop program, moved the Palm folder contents/remnants out of Program Files, and then installed the one that came with the 680.

    I hotsynched the 680 first during the install, then I hotsynched the 650 later on. It kept two user accounts, and separate conduit rules for each account.

    This, btw, is using the same logon account.
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    They are locked in eternal combat. j/k. Can't you just use different profiles?
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    Thanks for the help guys.

    I now have other issues. Phone will not start up with any of my 3 SIMs. POS reset on incoming message and now phone will not work. I have not installed anything and have not hotsynced. Also hard reset.

    I have enough issues with my 700P... this 680 is going back for good!

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