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    Okay, its that time of year again where newspapers, etc. publish list of the "best" things that appeared in a year. In your opinion, what were the best new apps for the Treo released this year?
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    BluePill v1.1.3. Best security app I've found. Only 25kb vs the several hundred kbs of the other security apps.
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    Another vote for Blue Pill
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    By Far the top 5 best are

    kinoma 4 EX -- took all the thunder away from tcmp and catapulted the treo line way ahead in all smartphones. Sure before you could have contents but now you can update with new stuff. This is akin to having iTunes for the Palm yet with free content. This remarkable program sold me on the 700p and watching YouTube when you are meetings is simply a awesome.

    Google Maps for Palm -- Wow, a program that is as unbelievable as Google Earth. Wow now you can painlessly view maps and directions in an almost instant. And then you add the traffic and the satellite view and you got a bonafide winner -- at version 1.

    LPJ - This is the multi-game emulator for Palm and wow, it's so great to play old video games without any limitations. Sure emulators have been done before but now you have one big can opener for many games.

    QuickNews RSS - Finally you no longer have to fish for your headlines using Blazer. They come to you. This is like truly the coolest thing if you are in the business of news.

    NetFlix mobile web link - Not a program but a ;secret; link to read and add movies to your netflix account. Now you can easily add them about anytime. Especially handy at parties when people are talking about cool movies to rent.

    Those are the what I call the BEST of the 2006

    Now lets focus on my wishlist for 2007

    --- FlckR Mobile - An easier way <other then through email> to send your photos and resize them. Guys this should be easy, heck, Flckr even shows a treo in the mobile part of their page. The program would resize photos from Treo phones and provide captions/headlines.

    --- YouTube Mobile - Same thing as above but for YouTube. I tried sending a treo camera video to the mobile sms but it never made it. This again should be easy to do.

    -- Video Game cheat coder database - Would be nice to have a program to store and access fast cheats for video games.

    -- Adium/Trillian for Palm - A replacement for (RIP) VeriChat.

    -- Google Maps 2.0 - An update to Google Maps which taps into your contact addresses.

    -- Lyric Finder 1.0 - A little program to find song lyrics or with registration, read lyrics from PTunes.

    -- TV Guy 1.0 -- A real program that simply grabs the latest tv schedule based on your fav tv. I know some programs attempt to do this but no one does this quite right, yet.

    -- My Stocks 1.0 -- Is it hard to get a realtime stock ticker on the Palm - perhaps updated once every 5 minutes?

    -- Skype for Palm - I tried iSkoot but it resets the palm when I call and it doesnt feel as nice as a Skype program.

    -- Kinoma Player 4.1 - An update to this incredible program with background play, skins (I miss the blue 700p skin) and better bookmark management. Perhaps a user submitted Kinoma bookmarks and using Photoblog support.

    XmL2Docs - A converter program to convert new Office 2007 files to Docs to Go 8 and 9 , which neither support the new Word,Excel and Powerpoint files generated by Office 2007.

    Nvu for Palm 1.0 - A HTML WSIWYG publisher. Not as powerful as dreamweaver or frontpage but for making and editing websites.

    QuickTranslate - A language translater, not a Ultralingua clone but a 200 character translator to another language for us International travelors.

    ---- that's about what I wish for in 2007
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    great lists! Keep'em coming
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    Can you guys paste files, links, or webaddresses for these apps? Thanks
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    LJP and Kinoma extend the Treo to brand new heights. Near-perfect SNES/NES/GBC emulation on a 700p means access to more games than you can ever play.

    Kinoma opens up more multimedia than you can ever view/listen to.

    QuickNews is awesome, but now new for 2006.

    I'm heading over to the BluePill board right now.
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    "Adium/Trillian for Palm - A replacement for (RIP) VeriChat"

    Amen to that!
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    Kinoma 4 EX and Google Maps.
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    bluepill and skin ui 2 is the best.
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    GoogleMaps and TomTom Navigator 6.
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    I voting for this newly released
    beta by ZZtechs called Launch-Anywhere
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    Softick Audio Gateway - they did what everybody said was impossible to do with the 650

    Kinoma 4 - finally streaming video & more audio options for the 650

    Google Maps - just as good as the desktop version
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    Michael Vega,

    Kwikmaps does what you wish for - launches Google Maps for a contact
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    Google Maps ....if it can hook up the contact, just thinking. don't know why google didn't put any ads on those google map have not try Kinoma 4 yet... maybe I'll return to vote for that one.
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    I got Kinoma 4 over the weekend. I agree its one awesome app.
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    Another vote for Kinoma. Have had it less than 12 hours. Pretty impressive for $20
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    I've been reading a lot about Kinoma (on the boards) of late. Doesn't the 700p come with Kinoma, embedded in its ROM?

    What's Kinoma have on TCPMP or the new commercial Core Player?

    I completely agree w/ the apps above, though. LJP has been around forever though, no? I'm sure the version I'm using is several years old. Has a new version been released? Can someone provide a link?


    One program made by the folks who bring you Quicknews I use constantly is Type Right. Exceptional launcher of sorts that I use in addition to ZL. You can assign any key so that a press and hold launches an app or contact. You can also assign multiple apps (or contacts) to a single key, unlike a similar feature that Butler has.

    There's another feature I constantly use whereby you can press shift-space, a menu pops up... and you then type the first few letters of anything, and that app/contact appears so you can launch it. Great program.

    Minitones rocks, too.
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    Just checked out the Blue Pill site. Does it do anything that Butler doesn't? Seems as if this functionality's been out for a while, no?
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    I'll take TCPMP over Kinoma any day of the week. H.264 ownz Kinoma. Until they fix that and the volume buttons not working, TCPMP is an easy choice for watching DVDs.

    Another vote for minitones.
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