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    PrefDoctor has saved my a$$ a couple of times, too, though my device has been rock-solid stable of late. I have backups a-plenty, but it's a nice insurance policy that can save a whole lot of headache. Its cache flushing features are v. good, too.
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    ... I'm having trouble finding it. I search, and Google just links me back to this discussion thread..!


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    OK, I've downloaded Kinoma, and it is nice (but keeps timing out due to 'insufficient bandwidth'), but perhaps I'm missing something here because I'm not quite as impressed with it as others are in this thread.

    It seems to me that 'all' Kinoma is is a combination of the functionality I already have on my Treo 680 from mobiTV and pTunes Deluxe...

    What am I missing? What makes Kinoma such a 'must-have' application if I've already got mobiTV and pTunes? Also, how do I get it to not stop for :30 - :60 seconds at a time due to 'insufficient bandwidth.?' mobiTV has no difficulties streaming video into my Treo 680 (I'm on T-Mobile here in the US).

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    Treo Launcher all the way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treoramma View Post
    ... I'm having trouble finding it. I search, and Google just links me back to this discussion thread..!


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    Can I vote for Orb?
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    My vote is for Kinoma 4ex as well. TCPMP would've been my first choice, especially since it's free....But it came out before 2006.

    I'm hoping Slingplayer for the Palm OS will be the best app of 2007!
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    I guess you guys are kidding about adium/trillian?
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    Treo Launcher too. Now my Treo looks better!!!
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    GoogleMaps blows 'em all away! Now if only apps like Agendus/DateBk can integrate with it (Contacts).
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    ^Both KoolMaps & Directory Assistant integrate Google Maps with your contacts.
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    Although still in beta, DialByPhoto is pretty sweet
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    Kinoma 4 EX and Google Maps
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    Dial By Photo and Kinoma 4
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    Dailbyphoto and Treolauncher, the best.
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    I have photos of very few of my friends (most of my contacts are business, medical, etc). Will Dial by Photo be useful for me?
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    GoogleMaps, and dare I add OnDemand with free access to sports, weather, stocks, news, movies and more!!

    GoogleMaps will win 2007 if the add the GPS and contacts!
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    Google Maps and Treo Launcer.
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    Treo Launcher is very good.
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    Directory Assistant 3.26 invaluable to sales peeps on the road.
    (Not sure if it is a 2006 app, though I discovered it in 2006 so it gets my vote)
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