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    Last week I bought a Seidio 2400 for my 650... what a bad idea!

    After a few days the 650 started to reset randomly by itself, then started to "die" and a reset wasn't able to awake it every time: every now and then I had to remove the battery and wait at least a couple of minutes without battery before the 650 wake up!

    Right now I'm back with my oem battery but I guess the power supply section has been damaged, the 650 keeps "dieing": sometimes pressing the power button, sometimes just after having powered up the phone radio, sometimes during charging, sometimes just leaving it by itself...

    Today I have even found that, not always, pressing the battery to the center of the 650 cause a reset!

    I wrote to Seidio right after the first time and they replied "However, our batteries are made up to or exceed the manufacture OEM standard and should not cause any problem or damage to the phone. Seidio holds no liability for damage to your devices, loss of data, loss of business or profits caused by products manufactured or sold directly or indirectly from our company."

    Great! So now I do not have just throw out money for a battery... I also have to pay for fixing my 650! real mistake was to not having searched more on the web before buying...
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    I posted this elsewhere.
    I got my 2400 2 days ago. I charged it up overnight, and put it in my 700wx on Friday morning. I have my treo set up to sync every 30 minutes from 0600 to 1800, then every hour. I do alot of texting, and probably talk for avg of 75-100 minutes per day. I had to charge my original battery at least every 24 hours. I woke up this morning, and my 2400 was only down to 61%.
    Maybe some folks just got some bad batteries or something. I know that waking up, and instead of having to charge it having 61% life still in it isn't "psychological" like has been posted here.
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