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    I have the 750v and it's battery life for the first couple of cycles sucked also. It did not give 2-3x better battery life out of the box than the 680 for me. But it does seem like the 750v is getting slightly better battery life than the 680.

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    I don't mind giving it some time but my work collegue bought the 750v 1 day before me and his battery life is exceptional out of the box at least 2-3 times better than my 680. It sucks to have a WM5 user having a good laugh at your expense. We tried switching batteries an it was status quo the 750v kicked my 680s ****. So I guess the 750v 3G phone does not need to condition the battery? What is up palm?
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    For those of you who haven't seen it, there is a thread that says a hard reset solves the unusual battery drain problem. I don't have the 680 yet, but would love to hear the results if some of you who are having this problem try the hard rest solution.

    Any takers? I would if I wasn't making it through the day.

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    I was under the impression that these phones, and many new phones of other brands have a smart charging feature built into them. That is, although the power adapter pumps out a constant voltage and amperage, there's circuitry in the phone that controls how much voltage goes to the battery. So when the battery is fully charged and your light turns green, the circuitry will stop all power from going to the battery. This allows you to keep your phone on charge 24/7 without damaging the battery.

    Further proof of this concerning my Treo 650: when the battery is near dead and I plug it in for a charge, the battery and entire phone become warm to the touch. Once fully charged, the phone cools off even though it's still plugged in.

    Perhaps the 680 battery meter is not accurate, and could be corrected with a software upgrade?? Food for thought...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirk Diggler View Post
    Perhaps the 680 battery meter is not accurate, and could be corrected with a software upgrade?? Food for thought...

    Perhaps the circuits are cheaper...

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    i've had my 680 since monday 12/4 and i've noticed a significant battery life improvement since i first started using the unit 5 days ago. when i got the phone, i fully charged and dis-charged about 2 times. since then, i use it to about 50% or so and randomly charge via the sync cable my desk at work but haven't been 'topping off' that much...

    last night i played around with the phone, listened to about two hours of music, checked email a few times, sent about 10 txt messages, and the battery didn't drain that much- actually, my guess is that it drained much less than it would have a few days ago...

    anyway, i guess i'm saying that i've definitely noticed a difference from when i first got the phone!!

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    I have to say about the battery meter it goes down very smoothly. My old Nokia would be 100% until the end of the day and then just plummet wildly.
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