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    got my graphite 680 unlocked treo(for t-mobile) on tuesday. so far i'm enjoying the phone and getting used to the quirks and few things that i think were better on the 650.

    as for software, almost everything i had on the 650, including tom tom 5 worked like a charm right off the bat. the only two things i've found that have issues are trying to use my old silverscreen theme that made the phone look like is had an OSX graphic platform and two astroware games, GTS Racing and Hellfire. although silverscreen with the OSX look installed with no problem, i found that as soon as i opened a program/utility/game/etc and closed it, the graphics reverted back to the 680 theme. the icons i changed to OSX icons stayed constant but the silverscreen launcher wouldn't hold. second, both of the astroware games installed fine and played normally but would not quit unless i turned the phone off. they essentially froze with the abandon command.

    i'd be interested if any of you out there are using one of the other graphic interfaces like silverscreen or z launcher and if you've experienced the same problem. same with the astroware games. funny, zapped and the sky force games (also astroware) have no problems what-so-ever.

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    I used "Always on" with TOMTOM and my 650 to keep the screen from turning off. Only thing is, with 680, it keeps the keyboard lights on as well. Anyone else noticed this? I thinking I just need to reinstall KBlights to shut them off when it happens.

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