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    The standard Applications Manager that comes with the Treo 650 is crashing my phone every time it tries to read my SanDisk 2Gb Ultra II card. This has been going on for ages with the original FAT.prc and now also with my newly upgraded FAT32.prc as well. When I upgraded to FAT32.prc, I also backed up my SD Card, formatted it in my Treo, then restored the data again. I've also upgraded to 1.20-ENA

    This is annoying because after it crashes and reboots, it immediately goes back into the Applications Manager and tries to read the card again - crash again. In order to break this cycle, I have to hit the Applications key at the right time to start ZLauncher and prevents Applications from doing it's thing.

    This has been crashing my Treo for a long time and I would love to figure this out. I'm wondering if it's something on my card that's doing it? "Crash.prc" indicates that it's "Launcher 5.2H" that's crashing at "MemoryMgr.c, Line 3742: NULL handle"

    Any thoughts? Anyone else have this issue?

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    I removed all 750 files off the card and manually added them back until I found the problem file: /PALM/Launcher/Google Local.prc

    Without that one file, Launcher doesn't reset when trying to read the card.

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