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    I have a new 700p on Telus (CDMA carrier in Canada). Every time I receive an SMS message the phone does a soft reset. After a few resets, the SMS will arrive but it can take a few times. I have tired to disable alerts to see if that is the problem but it doesn't look like it.

    I have read that other users are getting the same problem but this is not the same issues as discussed in the "SMS lockup thread":

    Does anyone know how I can clear the SMS so my phone doesn't reset over and over? It almost makes the phone useless. Has anyone had success in solving this problem? I'm not off to a good start with the new phone.

    I couldn't find another thread dedicated to this problem, if there is please merge this with the bigger thread.

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    I have started over, removing all applications via a hard reset. The phone did not reset when an SMS arrived so this looks like it's related to a 3rd party app. I can't confirm this yet but I have started to install apps one at a time and doing some testing to see if I can figure out what is causing it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kazinvan View Post
    so this looks like it's related to a 3rd party app.
    Unfortunately I have found that this is always the case with the 700p. 99% of the problems are caused by 3rd party software. I have been through the same thing as you and what I have found is that pretty much any software that runs in the background will cause resets, lags and other issues on the 700p. Especially things like Butler, chatter, profilecare, alarm programs, ring tone managers and such. Most of the people on this board prefer to just whine and point the finger at Palm instead of doing what you are doing.
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    I agree, my initial hunch is that it's Butler but I'm not at the point where I can say that with confidence. I have installed 7 apps I use all the time and the problem hasn't resurfaced.

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    So far so good, no reset when receiving SMS. I have installed a few apps and tested along the way. Progress so far:

    1. Hard reset - send SMS - test ok

    2. Install:
    - KeyCaps600
    - LEDOff
    - Google Maps

    Test ok.

    3. Install:
    - Agenus Pro 10

    Test ok.

    4. Install:
    - Zlauncher
    - AquaWood 64K Theme for Zlauncher
    - ZReaderLite

    Test ok.

    5. Install:
    - Sync All
    - Tide Tool (with databases)

    Test ok.

    6. Install:
    - Brightcam

    Test ok.

    7. Install:
    - ClockPop
    - Colorize
    - Converter
    - Open Chess

    Test ok.

    Still no Butler or Phone Technician, things seem to be stable. Will test more with this config and see how it works.


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