Ive been searching and searching and searching but I cant figure out why the Innodock doesn't come setup to play stereo audio. It seems that any other audio device other than an earpiece wont trigger stereo sound from the Treo 650. I dont think there is such-a-thing as a 3.5mm earpiece jack, so that really only leaves speakers, and FM transmitters to be connected to the 3.5mm audio jack on the back. I know there may be other less obvious uses but most of us are using the more obvious ones. I just paid 35$ for the innodock, hell if Im going to pay another 5$ for a plastic adapter with a resistor in it that should have been part of the Innodock to begin with. Now Ive got to take the Innodock apart and solder in my own resister. What a waste of time!! Steve