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    Is anyone else having issues with Chatter not giving LED notifications on the Treo 680? No incoming email gives me an LED notification now, whether it is in sleep mode, or powered on.
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    I have the green constant LED all the time on my 680. Nothing changes it, except for a slight red flicker when it is connecting.
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    The 680 only has one possible LED indicator - solid green on. It's a hardware limitation. Marc can't do anything to make it colored or blinking.
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    The color is certainly whatever it is--though I think there are two LEDs, a red and a green. While there is pretty certainly no provision to make it blink, it's not beyond possibility that somebody could figure out a way to cycle it on and off so that it effectively blinks. It would be a nice feature, but for me it's no deal breaker.
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    yes, when charging you see red light. when charged you see green light.

    CHATTER EMAIL gives me a green led when i have new email.
    no light when no email.

    there is a setting to check i guess..mine was default.
    go to pref ---> notifications
    what do you have checked for LED?
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    If you go to ChatterEmail Preferences >> System, you'll see an option at the bottom for what to do if LED is not notifying. You can either default to Butler LED or keep LED off.
    I don't have Butler installed but maybe it has a work around for this...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdavis View Post
    I have the green constant LED all the time on my 680. Nothing changes it, except for a slight red flicker when it is connecting.
    Have you marked all mail as read? I often have one or two old emails unmarked. It's enough to make the LED light.
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    What I had was "LED Off" checked off. Paradoxically, undeniably, checking that off keeps the LED on all the time--under the right (wrong) circumstances. When I unchecked it, the LED, which had been on since I set up my 680, went off, and it's been off ever since.
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    well...i do not have all my mail as read. If i go into the mailbox and see the message without even opening it...i have no green led.

    the only time the green led has come on for me is when:
    i receive new email. after i go to chatter and see the subject without opening the message the light goes off

    charged fully on the charger

    when i have any notification such as text message or new voicemail.

    I do have it set to vibrate and use LED when i get an email...but it doesn't vibrate unless the switch is on vibrate...but that could be a setting.

    I would imagine that chatter has settings that conflict with the palm settings, but i didnt' change anything from factory as far as i know.
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    Hold on a second. I've been reading that the new LED can't blink. But it can. It blinks slow orange if the radio is on but it's not getting any signal. OK, so I don't consider that behavior terribly helpful. But maybe it will serve as a lead that could teach Marc how to get Chatter behaving more like it used to. (A guy can dream anyhow......)
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    That blink looks red to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdavis View Post
    That blink looks red to me.
    On mine, it's a blinking orange when I'm out of service, a solid red when it's charging but hasn't achieved full charge, a solid green when it's on the charger but is fully charged.
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    Scoop Dtx,

    Do you use Butler and Chatter? What are your Prefs set to?

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