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    I searched the discussion for a while (several times over past week) and didn't find any tips that helped my situation - so my apologies if this is a superfluous posting.

    I've got a GSM unlocked 650. Was working fine for 1.5 years. I moved about a month ago to Cambodia, when I arrived, I didnt use the phone very much (in terms of things that are different, it didnt get much use for a couple weeks). The new SIM card that i put in worked fine for the first couple of weeks. Then, the keys were not responding (its not so much as a freeze, but a real long delay - like 30 seconds - the phone basically becomes non-functional). Did a soft reset, everything was responding again, then when i activated the network connection, the bars come up, and it happens again (becomes non-functional). Did a hard reset, and there was no difference.

    I'm just about at the point of getting a new phone, but would like to get any additional ideas anyone might have (BT is on/off - no difference; local network time synch - no difference), not my actual sim card - others do the same.

    Thanks for any help~
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    ell this looks like exactly the same behavior as I am experiencing intermittetnly - the only difference being for me (a) it happens rarely and (b) after a soft reset the phone starts working normally and continues to do so for a long time. see the thread I started just this morning -
    Satish Joshi

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