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    I downloaded Google Maps on my brand new crimson 680. I have T-Mobile service, and I thought that Google Maps was not able to run with T-Mobile, but the program runs great. Anyone else having this luck?

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    I have the Google Maps app on my Motorola V195 with T-Mobile, and it works fine even though I have no data plan.
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    it was on my 650 (tmo) and I had no issues.
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    don't know where you got the impression that it did not work with tmo, it has since the first day of its release
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    I think the download page for Google Maps says that. There are certain T-Mobile phones (Samsungs, as far as I know) that can't run Google Maps, but saying "it doesn't work with T-Mobile" is a stretch.
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    I tried Google maps here down under..and was surprised to see it works so well....only thing is the plan I have must be a shocker for data...I went through about $15 just looking at one place in satellite mode!!!

    Moral of story...make sure you have a good plan for data!
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    It doesnt work in some areas if you are using Tzones

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