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    Hi, my new Palm 680 crashed and the screen is broken.
    Palm Europe answered that they cannot repair or change it, even with my payment of 180 as requested, because the product is too new and they didn't plan any customer service at the moment..."please try again after Christmas"...they said!!!
    The customer service manager was out during last 3 days and the gentle lady at the phone said that she couldn't help because nothing was yet planned or organized.
    NOW, Palm is supposed to sell to business...what the hell is their business if they cannot even plan or organize post-selling assistance to their product?
    How can business people trust a company that cannot even answer to a customer request of support?
    They are not only selling smart phones but services and support...none of them is actually working here in Europe...
    Bad Palm, really bad.
    I want an answer from Palm because they cannot sell a product without customer support to it...bad Palm, really is out of business for Palm, right?
    Magdy Reda
  2. #2'd that happen? And sorry to hear they've still not gotten organised...I feel cases will be the order of the next month or so...
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    That stinks. I think that Palm was so busy trying to get these out for Christmas everthing was not put into place right. Bad for support but we have our new Treo's sooner. I wouldn't be able to wait until after Christmas myself if it was me. I would buy a new screen and change it out myself just being carfeful to make sure any Warranty stickers etc were not damaged. If my math is right this is still cheaper anyway.

    Link to a screen (It says 650, 700 so I would guess the 680 is the same)
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    Hello everybody, it is me again.
    About how it happened...simply out of my hand down...down...down...and my first thought was "please , no scratches on the Treo body" at first I smiled when I saw the back of the body perfect ...then... ...well, you can imagine!!!
    Now I've received a mail from Palm Europe saying that the previous comunication was wrong and that they now will repair the screen for 180 ...that is nothing less and nothing more than I was asking for a tv, car or whatsoever.
    I wonder if the report on a blog of what happened to me has waken up someone at the Palm marketing office...after all my experience should not be the "Palm Experience" Palm is advertising, right?
    I'll let you know...thank you all for the support
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    Quote Originally Posted by magdyreda
    I wonder if the report on a blog of what happened to me has waken up someone at the Palm marketing office...
    Good chance that is what happened. You can bet that everything we post on here is being read by Palm. This site has a very large membership and for every one registered user there are probably 25 that just browse. Palm would be stupid not to take it very seriously.
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    I honestly do sympathize with the poster for whom Palm has no real solution. It is unfortunate. A couple posters complained that Palm may have rushed to get this to market in time for holiday sales. Perhaps this is true. However, I can remember a number of Treocentral posters berating Palm for being slow to release the 680 and doing bad business by not getting it to market in time for Christmas. In short, while Palm cannot be excused for this, they have pressure from both ends.

    I hope they clean this up and get this poster's Treo fixed soon.
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    defii is right. Especially the part "palm has no real solution" for anything I might add. Haven't had solutions for quite some time now.
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    OP has posted this in every Palm-related forum and has since reported in only one of them that there will be a repair for a fee. As the matter has been resolved, I don't see that there is anything to discuss.
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    Detective, I have posted everywhere that I was willing to pay to have it repaired and as soon as Palm wrote to me about their new will to repair it for 180 I've posted the news thanking people for the support.
    The fact that someone has to posts blogs and write faxes to Palm Europe and Palm USA to have something repaired is not something "normal" I would say!
    Now it would be interesting to know if Palm has really corrected something in their internal processes or this rush is only due to my actions...because that would mean a less active person would have seen his/her costumer rights cancelled for no reason whatsoever.
    Anyway, I am waiting from Palm how to pay and where to send the Treo.
    Hope everything will be fine....thank you all for the support again.
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    Sweet! Three days ago I received a phone call from Palm and a gentle voice apologized for the frustration I was having and informed me they have sent me a new Treo...few days before this phone call I sent my broken Treo to Palm as the Tech Support asked me to do by mail.
    Then again Palm wrote saying they have received my Treo, they pointed out their will to garentee all the customers their best service and support.
    Before closing this it seems to me that althoght Palm may have rushed selling the Treo 680 in Europe delaying to organize the support, most of my problems were given by my country bad attitude with customer service...while phone calls and e-mail from Palm (probably from France) were gentle and professional, at the opposite my country area of Palm support couldn't help at all...still yesterday they were replying to wait my Treo to be repaired...I answered them already a new Treo has been sent suggesting them to try to "keep in contact" with the rest of Palm and their actions...Lauro from Palm answered "...the fact that Palm accepted to repair your Treo is already a sign of good will" see, in my loved country basic customer support rights are not that granted and understood by all...but I'm sure we will do better in future if we want to keep staying in Europe.
    Anyway, thanks all for the support and thank Palm Europe for the new Treo.
    Merry Christmas to all.
    Magdy Reda
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    Happy ending. Good for you. My experience with Palm support too has been generally good and I hope they keep it up.
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    glad you got it taken care of. by the looks of the device it appears as though it had met the ground at some point (earpiece, screen trim area).

    glad it worked out for you

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