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    The reason I got a Treo 680 is to have a missed call and sms notification by LED and repeating alarm. Since Butler hasn't been updated to use the LED yet, I have spent the whole day to look for some program like that. I found this small program Phonedisconnect, which do exactly what I needed. You guys found anything similar?
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    There are few that do that, e.g., MissedCall, Central, Butler. Not sure if they work on the 680. Does Phonedisconnect work?
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    well, Phonedisconnect definately works and will make the light solid-green upon missed call or SMS. Drawbacks are solid-green is all you get.
    good enough for me for now
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    Does this only work on the registered version? The trial is not lighting the led on a sms for me.
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    I thought it was working fine before I regged it.
    just pay the $5 ya cheap *******
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    Yet ANOTHER thread on the LED? this couldn't have been posted in one of the 5 other LED threads?

    Between these and the 5 battery threads that PalmBear has started, I am having trouble keeping up!!!
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    butler does, in fact, work.

    i have it set up to display a solid green LED when i have missed something (via the nag feature). i also have an alert playing every 5 minutes when something has been missed.

    you cannot enable a flashing LED, but it's an easy concession to look for a solid LED as opposed to no LED at all (when i haven't missed anything).

    edit: obviously i cannot utilize the LED approach when the phone is charging, as the LED is constant when charging regardless. but the phone will still play the alarm tone every 5 minutes. not as handy as the flashing LED approach on the 650, but it's far better than nothing.

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