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    Any ideas on good time management software? I'm looking for something that can log the amount of time spent working on different projects or for different clients.

    There seem to be alot of Palm only options but my main requirement is that it has desktop software and palm software that sync. This way I can stop and start jobs on the desktop quickly, then sync and do the same out on the road.

    Finally I would like it to be able to link to an outlook or database contact list if possible though this is far from essential...
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    If you can stand the cost (but well worth it in what it will save you in lost billable time), I think your best bet is either TimeReporter or TEAK.

    TimeReporter 2000 - has Palm component and a matching desktop component with smooth synchronization between the two. Excellent program with great reporting features and customizability, simple to use. Also tracks expenses and mileage and has compatibility with Excel, Quicken, Quickbooks Pro, and Microsoft Access. Time-keeping versions are available that synch with other time billing PC programs like Timeslips and Carpe Diem.

    TEAK - Stands for Time, Expense and Automobile Keeper. Very good Palm and desktop components, very customizable, smooth synchronization, nice billing or time management reports, graphs, etc. Very easy to use. You can generate a variety of types of reports like billing detail, automobile usage, reimbursement, etc.

    Hope that helps.
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    You also need to check out "AllTime". We've rolled this out to about 20 people in the field and it seems to be successful. But like any time management program, compliance is the key.
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    Also check out [u=]Responsive Time Logger.[/u]

    I'm not associated with the author, Alan Macy, but it seems to be something like what you are looking for also. I believe the Palm software is free, and there is a charge for the conduit/desktop software. The site has video demos of some of the features, etc.

    Bryan Nystrom
    Natara Software, Inc.
    Bryan Nystrom
    Natara Software, Inc.

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