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    I would guess I'm not the only one who has encountered this, but I didn't find any messages related to this.

    I have 3 pop3 accounts set up (2 are gmail) in Versamail. When I delete the file from the inbox and then empty trash, the next time I "get" email, the deleted files download again into the Inbox. If I leave the files in the Trash, w/out deleting, the email messages will not re-download.

    Any ideas on how to stop this behavior?
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    The only thing I can think of is enabling versamail to delete messages from the original server.
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    Unfortunately, this is a long standing bug within VersaMail that was not corrected in the version of VM for the 680, nor in the 3.5 release that is being sold. My guess is that VM does not send the right commands to the server for deleting email in POP accounts and so that is why this happens.

    I have resorted to making sure that once a day (or everyother day if its like tonite when I just wanna do everything on the Treo) that I would go to my mail server and download the message to Outlook to clean out the server of what VersaMail has missed.

    I do believe that both Chattermail and SnapperMail have fixed this issue with their respective mail programs.
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