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    Hi all, what are you using if at all for coding and billing on your Treos? I am looking for pulmonary on the Palm OS. Please post your opinions.
    I hate carrying cards.
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    I have used Handbase for 7 years. I designed my own database. A lot of the commercial programs are based on Handbase but are too bloated. My goal is only to keep a Census with charges. I am not interested in lab and xray results, etc. I tried one of those programs and found that it required several minutes to enter data on each patient, not a problem if you're a house officer and have any hour to sit around in a lounge.....well you get the idea. I am a neurologist and have a pure consulting practice in the hospital. I use my Treo as a pager and when I receive a consult, I will enter patient name, rm#, hospital (from a list of popups), referring physician (linked to another database), diagnosis (popups) and that is it. Takes less than 60 seconds for each new patient. I have another field called "Notes" in which I can enter any text but I infrequently use this field.
    After, I see the patient, I enter charges from the Census database which is linked to another database, which I have named Activity. This takes about 15 seconds at the end of each visit. At the end of the week, I email the Activity database to my biller via Chatter (any other program that will handle attachments will do). I only transmit charges in the database. The consultation sheet which is given to her her has the actual billed diagnosis on it. It is also a great method of double checking any lost billings, etc. If she receives a name in the Activity database without a consultation sheet, it usually means I can find the consult sheet stuffed under my seat in the car or at the bottom of my briefcase.
    So basically, my system consists of 3 databases (Census, Activity, and Referring Physicians). To ensure that the databases don't get too large after 7 years, I have created archived databases that I call Census 2006, Activity 2006, etc, At the end of each month, I will transfer discharged patients from the Census database to Census 2006. Handbase allows you to move records within certain selected parameters. Now this is where it gets kind of neat. If I get a consultation and have a vague recollection of seeing the patient in the past, I can search these other databases all the way back to "Census 1999" if necessary. Unfortunately, as my Census info is somewhat lean, I will only have a date and general diagnosis listed without much additional info but it certainly accelerates the process if I need to call medical records for a chart.
    Not elaborate but perfect for me. I have toyed with the idea of expanding the fields in the database, but it isn't worth the extra time for data entry and I'm not too interested in being able to open my Treo and see somebody's lab values that I just looked at yesterday. It does what it is supposed to do which is capture my charges.
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    Thanks Phillydog for sharing that. I am not upto creating a new handibase. Maybe I should. Meanwhile I would like to hear from others too about their experiences.
    I think what I am looking for is an already created database with CPT codes for dignoses and procedures, especially for pulmonary/ICU practice.
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    Send me an email and I can send the database templates to you. If you don't have handbase you can probably download a trial from DDH software. They are very easily customizable.
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    Take a look at our BluefishRx Charge Capture application. Full code sets and send charges directly to your biller from your Treo.
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    Thanks JF2000. I had seen it but went ahead and downloaded their trial version. Will give it a try tomorrow.
    Has anyone used/is using this for charge capture? Would like to hear about ease of use in real world.
    Now, with a 700p can I "send to billing" via email ?
    Thanks all.
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    We have about 4,000 subscribers to date. The application seems to be popular with our customers but of course I can't give an independent assessment. It is a complex application and requires some reading of the manual.

    Once you are familiar with it you can generate charges in seconds. Sending from your 700p is also very easy.

    If after purchasing you want your money back for any reason I will be happy to give you a refund. The Rx writer is also a big time saver.

    James Fisher
    Bluefish Wireless
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    Charge Capture is the reason I have a palm device. It takes a good bit of memory but that is no longer a problem with the 680. I should also mention that the whole suite does wireless prescriptions.
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    Thanks Mr. Fisher and tts, I tried the CC in bluefishrx. I am able to plug it in and save it. But when I try to print them, it prints one patient and then quits. I & the billing folks want to see how the output will be.
    When you guys say wireless, are you referring to Wifi or wireless data?
    Had a meeting with a bunch of folks at the hospital yesterday and showed them what I had on the treo and they seemed interested.
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    My problem is that I am a psychologist, and mental health CPT codes and dx codes (DSM-IV vs. ICD-9) are different. I think Bluefish is geared toward MD practice versus mental health (Ph.D.) practice. My patient management software has a palm version, but I have tried it and it is absolutely horrible. Not only does it error out on sync half the time, but the palm app does not sync over any notes I have on the patient (i.e., notes about a meeting for a non-billable patient meeting), nor does it let me add progress notes to be synced over to the desktop app, NOR does it allow me to enter any dx or billable info. It basically only puts my schedule for the day on my Palm. And they want $250 for THAT.

    So at least the MD folks have some options...psychologists... always the red-headed stepchild of the healthcare industry...LOL
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    I'm also a psychologist. I have used Therapist Helper for many, many years. I like the desktop function. They also have a Palm based version that you can keep on your Palm for schedule, billing patients and patient/insurance company/other party contact data. It works OK (not very powerful, but adequate). You cannot do patient notes, but with a voice recorder function, you can dictate your notes on the Palm, and then with Dragon Naturally Speaking, you can insert them into the regular program. Its a solution, thought not seamless.

    Dana A. Max, Psy.D.
    Licensed Psychologist
    Palm III, Palm IIIc, Palm m515, Treo 650, Centro

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