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    I have a one and a half year old Treo 650 that seems to be getting increasingly shortened battery life these days. I have the standard Palm battery that came with the phone and use Sprint's Biz Conn as the only background app(ok 4 cast refreshes every 6 hrs) and Express mornings and evenings on my bus ride home.

    I charge the battery to 100% when I get home and if I use it with a BT headset, it dies after 15-20 mins. I presume that's far from normal. I thought the talk time was rated for 4-5 hrs. I'm guessing the age of the battery has a lot to do with fact it goes kaput after such a short amount of talk time. Is this normal drainage after 1.5 years? If so, I'm looking at the Seidio 2400 battery as a replacement.
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    I replaced my battery after 18 months. Went with the Seidio 2400mah which is working nicely. I had the Mugen before that.
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    Hook up the 650 to the charger, and while the red charge light is on, press the reset button. Allow treo to charge to full. Then, disconnect treo from charger & run down battery until treo shuts down completely-not just warnings, but until screen starts to shut off as soon as you press red power button. Plug into charger. Allow to charge to full.

    Battery should be "conditioned" at that point and gauge should be accurate. If you're still running down in 30 mins, get a new battery.

    Note: be careful not to discharge your battery to the point where the screen won't even flicker, as that can harm the protection circuitry in your LIon and render it completely useless.

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