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    Unlocked from PALM: MW01.50 firmware, Software: TREO680-1.04-ROW and Hardware: A

    It's no coincidence that Cingy 680's went out first and have older software and firmware. My guess is that was the price to be paid for getting it out faster through Cingular. Whether this translates into performance differences is another issue. I doubt the batteries have much to do with these differences. It seems battery life is an issue for the majority of us, regardless of firm/soft/hardware versions.
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    I'm having about the same level of really lousy performance that you guys are, on an unlocked GSM on T-Mobile.

    Is anyone else noticing their phone getting kind of warm when it sits by itself not doing anything? Seems that all this battery drain is producing a fair amount of heat. I've been a 650 user for the last couple of years and never experienced this kind of warming.
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    I rec'd my locked 680 yesterday (Tues 12/5). I ordered over phone from Cingular (upgrade phone). I have:
    Firm: R01.131
    Soft: TREO680-1.03-CNG
    Hardware: A

    First thing I did was charge it up to 100% before doing anything. I then turned off bluetooth and beam. As of tonight (~28 hours after turning on), I'm still at 65%. I haven't used it a lot for talk time, but I have been playing a lot with Versamail, Blazer, GoogleMaps, and Gmail.
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    Software-1.04 ROW

    Battery isnt SO bad.

    Removed from charger @ 7AM
    basic use through-out the day
    few phone calls
    played some NES
    showed a few things to the gang @ work
    tons of SMS

    its now 8:38PM and Im @ 48% Power.

    Still anxiously awaiting some good news from Seidio though
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    Firmware: R01.31
    Software: TREO680-1.03-CNG
    Hardware: A

    Mine came off charger 5:30am @ 7:20 pm battery is 45%. This was NOT a real busy day on it tho. Maybe a 12 short call, 6 text, a little web & check email 6+ times.
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    Treo680-1.03-CNG, R01.31, Hardware A.
    Started at 100% at 7am, at 74% at 7:57pm.
    at&t Treo 680, SW 2.11-ATT
    Cingular Treo 650 Unlocked, SW 1.17-CNG/FW 1.51
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    Picked mine up Nov 21st the Tues BEFORE Black Friday.

    Firmware: R01.31
    Software TREO680-1.03-CNG
    Hardware: A

    Battery getting better but still not good.
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    Unlocked from Palm.
    Firmware: MW01.50
    Software: TREO680-1.04-ROW
    Hardware: A

    Got my phone on Tuesday (12/5). Battery is not performing as expected. Today, after charging for about 10 hours last night, started at 600 am, took two 3-minute calls, checked email account a couple of times, checked other accounts via Blazer a few times (manually disconnected each time), BT/IR off, brightness level at 50%, no automatic updates, and by 200 pm battery was down to ~10%. Back on charger and the green light just came back on at 330 pm (1.5 hours of charging). Will drain a few more times and see if it gets better - hopefully
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    I just got my second battery last night. I charged it up in my cradle until full. Then installed in my treo and ran it for the rest of the night. then had it charge in another cradle all night.

    This morning I started at 6:00am with the new battery. I use it pretty heavily. BT on, 60 min of phone calls, 2 push chatter accounts 2 pull on the hour(rec'd 100+ messages, send 14). 18 SMS messages in & out. 4 alarms. Web surfing, and telnet access. Battery was down to 14% at 12:00pm. Put in older battery only 30+ in 5 out emails but 90 min of calls, 14 more SMS, 2 more alarms. Checking TC, tracked packages at UPS. it is close to 5:00pm and I am still at 50%. The battery is getting better with number of cycles.

    BTW on 650 I would start 100% at 6am, by 4pm if I had not had it on a charger I had to change batteries.
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    Palm Unbranded (T-Mobile Sim)
    Software-1.04 ROW

    (no bluetooth, no ir beam)

    RECEIVED yesterday 12-06, charged overnight
    -took off charger @ 5:30am
    -made two phone calls 10min total talk time
    -sent two text messages
    -created an e-mail acct on versamail, downloaded messages, manually, twice
    -spent approx 25+ setting up internet bookmarks and the like
    -set up hotsync
    REMAINING BATT @ 4:30pm =61%

    in my eyes i have done nothing with the device today and just let it sit there for the most part of the day (not running Goodlink yet). what worried me was browsing with it upon removing it from the charger and seeing the battery move from 100% down to 87% in only 15min. what will be "my" real test??? installing goodlink and seeing how it handles the hours of constant messaging in the first 5 hours of the workday (3k+ transmissions received)

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    have you all tried draining the battery completely? I started off with similar battery times, and decided to let the battery drain completely. To my amazement, the battery meter was empty for almost an hour and I was warned more than four times the the Treo would soon shut down, but it never did. I waited it out and it finally died. I recharged it and since then, I go entire days of moderate use and still have 3/4 of the battery full. Try it out. Maybe its calibration, but it could be all in my head. Worth a try.
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    ^^impressive. you go "entire days" of moderate use and still have 3/4 of the battery full.

    how many days are you referring to? none of my treos ever went "entire days," period.

    impressive to say the least
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    #33 to forum..not new to phones, smartphones (mostly Blackberries) or Treo's.

    I always fully drain/charge, at least three times with new phone. There are plenty of people who say that it's not needed with Lithium Ion batteries, but it's proven out in all the posts lately about the 680.

    I received my Crimson beauty yesterday. Charged all night with 93% when I took it off charge. BT and IR AND network time update off. Drained it this PM. Took a looong time to get it down from 15% to 5%. 5% to 0% took a 20 minute phone call It was at 0% for over 10 minutes before dying. The battery calibration on this thing is really bad I figure at least three full deep cycle discharges/recharges before it's calibrated. I don't doubt cantuchristoph that he has 75% left after a light day's use. That's what I would expect...and hope for ultimately.

    On a good note, this thing beats the Treo 600 (or 635..whatever it was) I had with Sprint two years ago. It's light, doesn't crash, EDGE, faster, better looking (no antennae), expandable.. in short....everything the Sprint model wasn't.

    Great forum. Good reading
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    Firmware: MW01.50
    Software: TREO680-1.04-ROW
    Hardware: A

    So far battery life has been plain lousy. Had first full day with it yesterday - didn't speak more than a total of 20 minutes all day; did keep the display on for an estimated hour and twenty minutes; got a handful of pages. Started the day fully charged - ended it with a low battery warning.

    Today I made sure to bring the display brightness way down - to about 20% of the bar. Looks like it's helping - but not enough to keep the devise going at least one full in the field without a recharge. This looks like it's going to be a problem.
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    actually i meant one full day, at a time. My apologies for not being clear in my earlier post. I usually can go a full day and not lose more than half of my battery charge. that is with gmail syncs every 2 hours and web browsing/text messaging, with a few phone calls in between.
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    I have been monitoring my batteries. I am still "conditioning" them, I am allowing them to drop to 10% then charging the battery fully in my Cradle. Battery #1 has increased to 10 hours from 6 hours on Monday. From 8am-6pm, than battery two went 6pm-9am. (From 6p-10p in use, then from 7am-9am in use). I think discharging them then using the cradle charger is working better than when I was just charging them in the Treo.

    With the battery being 2/3 the size of my 650 batteries I am getting closer 75% of the battery time I was getting with my 650. Yes less time overall but it is performing where I would expect it to at this point. That being said I will be buying yet another battery if Seido gets an extended battery that is the same form factor as the original because more would be better. I am satisfied that it is doing what I thought it would before I bought it.
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    Firmware: MW01.50
    Software: Treo680-1.04-ROW
    Hardware: A
    Handspring treo 90/180/600
    pa1m0ne Treo650 palm Treo 680, palm Treo750,Centro,Samsung i780, Now Treo Pro
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    For those of you that are not aware, Li-Ion batteries have a short break-in period. That is, they need to charged, partially discharged, and then re-charged a few times to make their full charge capacity (length of use) available via the built in battery meter. Most everyone on this thread is complaining about their out-of-the-box use experience after their first charge. Give it a week of activity and see if things improve.

    Note that the 680 battery is one third smaller than the 650 battery and a full 50% smaller than the aftermarket Seidio battery. Of course your battery life is going to be significantly less with the same amount of usage. And if you're like most of us, you probably spend a lot of up front time with your new phone, increasing the "on" time considerably. It should be no surprise that folks are down to 20%, 10% or less after a full day's use.

    Some of you may have bad one can deny that possibility. But it is more likely that we've all just come to enjoy the great battery life we've had on our other Treos or other devices.

    And as a final note, Seidio is coming out with some variation on the larger battery theme for the 680. There are several other threads on this, but the bottom line is that we'll get either the same size battery with larger capacity (probably 1500-1800mAH, up from 1200) or a larger back to house the existing 650 batteries (which fit just fine if you leave the current back off). Apparently their release is imminent, so stay tuned.

    In the meantime, keep your 680 charged and good luck!
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    That's nice, but Palm should have at least put a warning in there about battery times for expectations, unless I missed it.

    I mean, the thing was dying in the middle of the night—after a full charge— that's a lot of fun.
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    Firmware: MW01.50
    Software: TREO680-1.04-ROW
    Hardware: A

    My battery life is pretty much like everyone else's. Although I do see it getting better each day. The first couple of days, the bar was decreasing pretty quick. But now it seems to be lasting longer.
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