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    i need help... my screen cracked on my treo 650 so i ordered a new one on ebay. i replaced the screen, turned it on and went to calibrate the touchscreen. it recognizes that i am touching the screen but the the bullseye just keeps poping up in the same two places no matter if i touch in the center of the bullseye or anywhere else on the screen. i found on the palm website that this might happen because of dirt touching a part of the screen confusing the digitizer, so i took the case off cleaned all the dirt out replaced the case and took a business card and used it to clean between the screen and case as it said on the website. still the same problem. i have taken the phone apart several times and made sure the ribbon was fully in and square. still the same. please help, i dont know what else to do.
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    Have you done a hard reset?

    Can you try the screen calibration with the cover off? (To make sure there is not touching going on.)

    Other thoughts:
    1. Bad Screen?
    2. The repair process has created a glitch elsewhere in the system or hardware?

    I take it that you cannot get past the calibration screen. Does the device have a Custom Rom on it? My thought is this -- if the repair process has glitched the ROM by some sort of static charge situation -- the ROM may be corrupted. If you are savy in this area and can get past the calibration screen -- a re-install of the ROM may cure the problem.

    Not much help, I know.

    Good Luck.
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    Back in the day I cracked the screen on my Palm IIIxe and found a shareware touchscreen calibration utility that made it useable until I got a replacement. Instead of using just 2 points to calibrate the screen, it would go through something like 50, so while the area around the crack didn't work it let the rest of the screen operate correctly. If you think that might be useful for your issue, let me know and I'll try to track it down.


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