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    Just thinking. Any thoughts about the delay/lag people are seeing and the type of Sim card they have?

    I have a 64k Sim and I notice the delay/lag.
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    I believe I have a 32k. I'm not too sure, it doesnt have anything (other than some numbers) on the card that indicate if it is 32k or 64k. I've had this card for 3 years, so it is most likely 32.

    Anyway, to the point...If my card is indeed a 32, then I'm not getting any lag.
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    I have a 3G sim and also get a lag.
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    No lag, 64k.
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    3G SIM. I get lag once in awhile.
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    Well that little experiement went quick. Looks like sim card doesnt matter w/ lag.
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    what lag we talkin about?

    my lag's laggin.....
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    3G- no lag

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