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    sometimes it takes 20 seconds to load Blazer. antone else have this problem?
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    Mine loads quickly-less than 2 seconds
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    I've had that happen to me, too. Not very often, but once or twice, it would go to a white screen for ten seconds or more. I thought it had crashed, but then Blazer popped up. I have no idea what was going on there.
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    mine loads much,much, quicker then the 650.
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    Clearing dbCache most fast does it load up immediately after a soft-reset?
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    Mine loads almost instantly but takes 20 seconds to get out of because of the dbCache clearing itself. Lame
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    Mine used to do this. You need to do a clean install (hard reset and load apps separately). When I did this, it fixed it. Blazer was not usable at the 20 sec delay but now it loads in 1-2 secs.
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    I've already done 2 hard resets while trying to figure out which apps crash and which don't. It's way easier to do it now, and they even dressed up the "Erase all Data?" screen with a 5-way nav picture and bilingual support (if it was already there, I never noticed)

    Blazer never did give me problems though. Not yet at least.

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