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    I just picked up a new 700p on the Telus network. Will test it out and let everyone know if I run into problems. If you have any of your own please post here.

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    Hi, Mike,
    As a brand new Telus Treo 700p user, I was delighted to see another canuck in the discussion group.
    This seems very insignificant but as I received the phone just yesterday, I am wondering if you have noticed this anomaly. As a previous 650 user, I am used to the indicator light blinking green when the phone is on and in range. With the Telus 700p, it seems to illuminate only when in the charging cradle. Is this your experience also?
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    Hey, I use LEDOff to disable the LED so right now I'm not seeing any LED at all. I then use Butler to alert me with a fast green flash if I missed any alerts.
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    Hi Mike. I just joined the forums today, because it has finally become time to buy myself a Treo, now that both the 680 and 700p are available in Canada - strange how they both come out practically the same week here. Now I have to decide which one

    I like the 680 for the slightly smaller size, and a few tweaks to interface and connection speeds. But the 700, despite being a little older (and bigger) may have some advantages. The complaints about the 680 battery are a major concern, but I'm seeing a lot of unhappy 700p owners posting here too. And I realize that the 700p means I'll have to go with Telus, while the 680 will let me stay with Rogers.

    So how did you decide?

    Edit: Found the thread by Caally where he asked the same question, and a bunch of Vancouverites jumped in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kazinvan View Post
    Hey, I use LEDOff to disable the LED so right now I'm not seeing any LED at all. I then use Butler to alert me with a fast green flash if I missed any alerts.

    Thats the 700p's default settings. the LED is off until you have an alert, then blinks green if you have one. You don't need an app for that.

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    Hi blackboxsocial,
    You appear to be correct although some with Verizon tell me that they have the blinking LED when connected to network.
    Palm support replied:
    Dear Graham:

    Thank you for contacting Palm Technical Support. My name is Ralph. I understand that you want to know if there is a way for the indicator light of your Treo™ 700p to blink when wireless mode is on.

    Natively, the Treo 700p does not include a blinking light indicator system when the phone is connected to your network service provider. When we designed the Treo 700p, we incorporated feedback from our customers and carrier partners as to what features are important in a smartphone with cellular capabilities. Partly based on that feedback, we decided not to include a blinking light indicator. Unfortunately, there is no way to manipulate the led indicator of your Treo 700p as the functionality is already fixed.

    Thanks for your replies.
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    I had a Verizon 700p for a little while and it did have a blinking LED when connected to the network...haha strange. Maybe the Sprint ones don't?
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