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    I'm having an issue with 1Button+ on my 680 so I figure it's time to go look for a new software to handle that function since it hasn't been updated in quite a long time.

    Typically I only reassign 1 key (mail) and use it to launch my 9 must get to apps. What is best of breed to do that today?

    Btw, my issue is that it crashes while listing apps to be assigned. This is only after I have Zlauncher recreate shortcuts for the some 60 apps I have on my card. Before I recreate the shortcuts, it's fine. Problem being is that 2 of the apps i assign are shortcuts and I don't really want to move the shortcuts to RAM
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    I use the button launch feature of Palm Commander on my 650. I've never had a problem with it crashing plus it is a decent file browser and can unzip zipped files.

    It will ask for a registration code but you can get one for free at the website.
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