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    What are some must have applications do d/l for it?
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    volumecare, palm files, Ringo, Kinoma Player.
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    Welcome to the wonderful world of Treo...

    You did not specify if you have a data plan with your service and even which service you have (Verizon/Sprint). If you have a data plan the list will be 100% useful. If you don't have the data plan, then avoid the items marked with * since they require data connections to operate.

    Here's a list of apps to have:

    - Google Maps for Treo (*)
    - Versamail (*) for regular email needs
    - Chattermail (*) or Snappermail (*) for advanced email (i.e. push email)
    - The Core Pocket Media Player (TCPMP) and all of its codecs. It's free!
    - Kinoma 4 EX. The kinoma that is embedded in the phone is OK for must of audio/video applications, 4EX takes it to the next level. You can run must of the media off your SD card (photos/music/videos) but if you do have a data plan then Kinoma takes it to a whole new level (you can watch youtube videos with this thing!).
    - Files. for handling files on memory and SD card. Comes free in Verizon's CD (dunno if it's the case in Sprint's)
    - FileZ. For somewhat advanced memory handling.
    - Butler. It did not work 100% with the 700p a while ago, maybe they have corrected everything now?
    - A ringtone handler if MP3 ringtones are your thing. Examples are Phone Technician, mRing, etc.
    - PdaNET (*) or similar to use your phone as a modem for your PC/laptop without having to pay extra to verizon/Sprint to enable the feature.

    That's from the top of my head.
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    Get a backup program. I use NVBackup, which automatically backs up your stuff to your SD Card (get a card if you don't have one). This way if you forget to synchronize for a while, you always have an emergency copy of your stuff.

    Get EZReset for quick soft reboots (without having to take the back cover off)

    Get TreoAlarm which turns your phone on and off on schedule (like off at 11 PM and on at 7 AM M-F, etc.)
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    Definitely DateBk6 and FileZ as previous posters mentioned. The web sites are and I'd be lost without either one.

    And don't forget the latest "big one" which provides a simple interface to Google's SMS data service. This lets you retrieve all sorts of data using text messaging (no data plan necessary) and has the added benefit of remembering your zip code, storing the results in the standard text messaging app for later retrieval (handy if you need to pull up driving directions that you requested yesterday for example). Much faster to fetch information than a web browser which is important to me when I'm out and about. You can grab it at

    Also, LauncherX is my favorite launcher. It's at
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    I have had trouble with Ringo on my 700p others have had luck, so if you do try it and start getting resets I would get rid of Ringo. Never worked for me.
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    I agree with the backup program try them all, I use BackupBuddy and it works flawlessly. Have used it three times now after hard resets and I was just doing the resets to test it out.
    Also I( would get an Uninstall program I use cleanuninstaller.
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    Welcome!! Let us know how things go.

    I use TakePhone by Shimon Shnitzer and find it invaluable.

    Good luck with your new toytool!!

    Be well,


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