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    I have Mac OS Tiger, the latest version of Missing Sync, and a Treo 680 that I use for ChatterEmail.

    My problem is that in my Directory Book on my Mac, I have everyone's e-mail address, often several (e.g., home, work, etc). Those all get synced to my Treo as the correct category but the Contacts program on my Treo as well as ChatterEmail don't realize those are e-mail addresses. It expects it to be an "Email" category.

    The result is that if I type in someone's name, it doesn't "guess" their e-mail address because it thinks it doesn't know, so I have to type in their address from memory or copy/paste out of Contacts -- big hassle.

    How can I get Missing Sync or my Treo or something to send over my e-mail addresses as "Email"?
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