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    So bummed. I've been a loyal subscriber to Vindigo for years. For the last year, however, I feel that it has been basically dead. They are no longer actively updating it with new restaurants, deleting old ones, the movie section has been totally hosed for a long time (the reviews don't match the movies), etc.

    I emailed them and asked what's up and they actually told me that they are working on other projects now! WTF!

    I'm not paying for that program any more. :-( Anyone have similar feelings?

    Is there anything that can take Vindigo's place?

    - Jon
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    That really sucks considering the Vindigo website still advertises the product!

    I would think that if a company was no longer focusing on their flagship product, they would at least send a message out to their paying subscribers through that very service!

    boo Vindigo... BOO!

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    Yeah, that website hasn't been updated in a LONG time...

    - Jon
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    Ditto. I stopped the service when when it expired last month. It absolutely blows.
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    What does everyone use now? I just downloaded the trial of zagats, I seems better.
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    I am often in New York City and find Vindigo invaluable. The location based information is extremely helpful; Zafgat is much less precise. I still miss the days when Vindigo linked to Zagat -- that was great. I use them both now.
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    forget vindigo. Just use google maps, & yahoo movies! ALL FREE
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    Is there an app or a wap specific page for doing yahoo movies?

    - Jon
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    or just navigate there from "portals" on your home page.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treoneo View Post

    or just navigate there from "portals" on your home page.

    Cool. Thanks!

    - Jon
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    what is the link for I put in and it won't come up??
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    I agree with the reviews that Vindigo is dead. I've used this product for nearly 10 years (since I had a PalmPilot). At one point it was awesome. But now, it is not OS 5 enhanced, does not take advantage of SD card memory and the data is getting woefully out of date. I think this will be my last year with it.

    It is really a shame as it was such a good product and still has a huge amount of potential.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hardcase View Post
    I agree with the reviews that Vindigo is dead.
    And now it seems even their website is gone - been unable to sync today, and when I checked the website, it doesn't load.

    May be just a transient problem, but it's been like this most of the day.
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    Agreed - it's not what it could should be, but if you travel a decent amount, it can be a godsend.

    Until something more elegant becomes available, they have me for another year.
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    True that there are now replacements for Vindigo, but Google Maps and Yelp don't tie it all together as well as Vindigo does. I don't understand why someone on their staff can't take *one day* and update the interface to support 320x320.
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    I'm really upset about this too. I use Vindigo on a daily basis. Even without updates it would still be useful to me for locations and phone numbers of existing stores and restaurants, and street address locations on the map. I figured as more people had mobile devices that can connect to Google maps etc. for free they would lose customers. But to me the fact that it's available offline is worth more than all the other features combined. Going online even to look up something simple takes too long and wastes the battery, and if like me you spend hours per day commuting underground, that means you can't access a map and listings for where you want to go while you're en route.

    To me the point of a Palm device has always been that it turns on instantly and you can get the information you want as fast as your little fingers can poke at it. In the time it takes my Treo to go online "Connecting to National Access... Signing on... Established... Sending... Receiving..." I've gotten the info off Vindigo before the first web page is even loaded for me to put my query. Perhaps when all smartphones have broadband speed, and a processor and browser capable of matching that speed, and can get a signal through 180ft of solid rock, it will be better than Vindigo's model.

    I really hope Vindigo or someone like them gets it together, but I fear that there aren't enough people with my needs to keep them in business.
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    Amen. I still use it all the time, and it usually has what I'm looking for. Going online still takes way too long. Just got my subscription reminder, and only hesitated for a moment before deciding to renew. Maybe next year something will replace it, but I doubt it.

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