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    weird issue I'm having and want to see if others are also....

    a few times per day, the 680 won't respond to power on - have to take out battery to start it. - Its a Cingular branded unit - Firmware: R01.31, Software: 1.03-CNG - 45mb memory available.

    Installed apps that might be responsible....

    Chatter - 1 account online, 2 offline
    Express - with auto update
    Verichat 2.89b - always on - 9am to 5pm
    Butler 3.93

    Might have to exchange it but thought if others were getting same issue that it might be more widespread.

    Cingular 680
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    I only had this problem once, and that was while I had an older 3.0x release of BackupBuddyVFS Pro installed that didn't really support the 680. As soon as I upgraded I haven't had any further issues waking the device up. I wonder if it might be worthwhile to review your apps and see whether updates specific to the 680 are available?
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    yes - I made sure those apps were ok for 680 - most are which is good but not sure about some.

    do you have verichat installed on yours?
    Cingular 680
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    No, I gave up on VeriChat post-acquisition when it became clear they weren't going to be coming with any new releases -- and important fixes for some bugs. I went to Causerie, and although I've lost features in the process I actually do like it. I am getting a little concerned that they aren't giving enough development attention to it -- those poor Support people who have to keep telling us a new release is coming "soon" -- and am always on the lookout for a good alternative.

    I was very hopeful that Chatopus was going to be a savior, but I found I had to fight with it too much to get the connectors going that I needed. And even when I got past that, it's inability to properly handle and manage buddy information from those services really left we wanting.

    I've tried other standalone IM applications (mundu, IM+), but I find that I generally prefer the function and behavior of those that are based upon come kind of back-end (former Chatter, VeriChat, Causerie). Sure, these often come with year subscription costs but I'm willing to do that to get a better IM experience.

    Now, if MantraGroup would wake up and dedicate some level of development to Causerie so that they could manage to put regular (if not frequent) releases out the door, I'd feel much more comfortable in knowing I'd could depend on this solution long-term.
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    my problem was pocket express. as soon as I uninstalled it I have had no more issues. I uninstalled it 3 days ago.
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    I can't run Verichat and Xpressmail on the same unit. I get that. One or the other is fine but running both, I get hung after about 20 minutes
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    how about causerie with xpressmail?
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    Quote Originally Posted by taroliw View Post
    how about causerie with xpressmail?
    Not as often but it still happened.
    (yes, it was a clean install)

    But I didn't like the way Causerie handled background mode so I took it off anyways
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    had the same problem with pxa-clocker.. uninstalled it, problem went away,
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    could my 4gb Transcend sd card be the culprit? - (not waking up)
    Cingular 680
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    Download Causerie 3.2.5 version with SMS and Always On Optimizations update from the below link:
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    FYI: I've not had that problem with the 680, but identical hassle experienced with the 650. Only way to wake it up was a soft reset. I did a hard reset and left the device clean for a week, but same thing. Ultimately determined to be a hardware problem, so Cingular replaced it. (650 = locked/Cingular; 680 = unlocked, direct from Palm/ Copper.)

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