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    Has anyone encountered a problem with the 2x digital zoom on the 700p? I'm trying to take pictures in 2x, and it shows the subject in 2x on the screen, but when I actually click the photo the picture that gets taken is shown in 1x.

    Since it's a "digital" zoom, I guess it doesn't really matter, since I can crop the picture to get it back to what I want, but it's annoying because I have to use a photo editor to create the picture the Treo's screen showed me I'd be taking. Why have a "2x" feature if it won't actually take the picture in 2x?
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    I've not had that problem, but I thought we were supposed to be able to zoom in on a photo that we've taken and have stored on the 700p when using the built-in picture viewer. Is there any way to zoom in on a photo?
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    this happens sometimes on my camera too. don't know the fix other than to exit out and launch it again...
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    Just had this same problem, and didn't realize a fix to it til I came home. Very frustrating, as I REALLY would have liked soem closeup shots of the Kodo Japanese drummers I just saw in concert...

    AMAZING, btw...

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