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    We just got our first Treo 680's down here in Australia!
    A handful came in via Expansys. They all went on pre-order. Apparently they are getting some more in soon.

    What a sensational product! After using the Palm Tungsten T I am blown away by my first Treo and all it offers!

    Am a happy little 'vegemite' here let me tell you!

    From the perspective of a Treo newbie I would say Palm has achieved their objective of providing a great all in one gadget....

    I now have the following:

    SMS ease
    Mp3 player
    Dictionary/Language translation
    Games machine
    Mobile photo slideshow presenter
    Mobile Email
    Mobile Internet
    4gb working storage via Transcend SD card

    This is soooo much better than my old supermarket elcheapo mobile let me tell you!
    And it has got some great improvements over the Palm Tungsten too.

    Great quality screen
    GUI is much nicer than the Palm Tungsten (And adding Palm Revolt has added an extra level of style!)
    4gb storage for mp3's and other stuff
    Photos on the screen look great!
    Keyboard makes life so much easier in writing Text messages
    Great customization of favorites
    Phone quality is problems
    Audio quality as an mp3 player - also issues!
    Plethora of software options available via Palm OS
    5 way navigator means stylus rarely required.
    In short....the average joe out there would find this thing so much better than the mobile phone they are probably using at the moment!


    Nothing significant....but
    Miss a bit of the extra screen size on the Tungsten T (ie it was wider and just fit more on the page..can't have your cake and eat it though!)
    I preferred the headphone socket at the top rather than below
    The contacts is a bit more clumsy to look through due to not fitting as much on the phone numbers and names kind of run out of one has to scroll more.

    But all in all...what a great device!

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    Do you have an mp3 ringtone app? If so, do you have a problem of it being extremely loud no matter what volume you set the phone to?
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    Screen is exactly the same as th Tungsten T (and T2) in terms of resolution, but physically things are bigger on the T.
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    Hi Mavoz,
    Could you tell me about:

    1) Did you order from Expansys UK site?
    2) Is your Treo 680 unlocked?
    3) What's the color of your Treo 680?

    Thanks a lot!
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    Mavoz, where can you order the 680 from and what price?
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    I got the Treo from

    You can order it there on the website. The first shipment just came in this week....all of them went on pre orders...though the guy there said they were expecting another lot in soon. (I'd suggest you pre pay though...apparently there were some people who missed out the other day...only those who locked in there order with credit card got the goods....

    I paid $729..for a while there they were $719....but they've gone up now....fella said they guessed the price at first...and stuck with honouring what was first quoted....

    Colour is Graphite only and the phone is unlocked. It looks nice..but I reckon with a choice I would have got the copper.

    I've been using it with Telstra Pre Paid ..and it works great for browsing as 'dear as poison'! I can see I need to do some research on cheaper data plans....

    as to the ringtone can assign these easily enough to whatever caller...but I'm not sure about the volume level options yet...only had the thing for 24 hours so far!!

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