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    I just switched over from my 650 to my 680, and i installed verichat (i have a license till june 2007.) i installed it fresh, and its on demo mode, but I don't know my license code. Is there anyway to get it?
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    you wouldnt happen to the email from pdaapps?

    I dont recall if verichat showed you that info in help, but have tried looiking in help?

    other than the above, i'm thinking emailing the company.
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    You should've received an email from them when you registered your program. It should have your license information included in that email. Other than that, you will probably need to contact them.
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    yeah thats what I thought of too. I looked in all my e-mail accounts and I can't find it. Im positive i didn't delete it. lol
    m100 Zire 72 Treo 650 Treo 680

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