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    Hi Mark,

    I have been using ShortCut5 for a while now to handle my need for non-english characters. .a -> , .e -> , .o -> . This works great, but when I type in .A I get and not . This even thought I have defined both .A and .a as macros.

    Is there a way we can get a case sensitive shortcut5 or an option to active this feature?

    Thanks, Rickard.
    Unlocked GSM 680
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    And I have had the discussion with Mark in a private email thread.
    It works on his T|X.

    And here's what I discovered:
    If you press and _hold_ your <shift> while pressing 'A' you will get the ''.

    Somehow, SC5 does not see <shift> + <key> as <shift+key>. The same applies with capslock - it's being ignored as well...

    Hopefully Mark will be able to see the solution :-)
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    Great, two willing beta-testers here!!
    Unlocked GSM 680
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    I'll be releasing ShortCut5 1.7 shortly with a fix for number and uppercase characters. The Treo keyboards do some non-standard things when sending key events (which ShortCut5 uses). Hopefully it will fix your problems. I works for me on my devices TX, TH-55, Treo 650. -Mark
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    Excellent, looking forward to trying it out.
    Unlocked GSM 680
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    Super Mark! Thanks...
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    I just posted ShortCut5 1.7 to palmgear. Let me know how it works for you.
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    Still the same problem with uppercase shortcuts....

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    Sorry, my mistake... I managed to install the old version instead of the new one..
    So I can verify that it works for me, on my Treo 680....

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    And I agree - works on my 680, as well!
    THANKS Mark!
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    For me (treo 650) case sensitive shortcut does not work
    shortcut .met should expand as meeting - this works
    shortcut .Met did not expand even if I defined then .Met shortcut
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    matko_d: Is this with the new ShortCut5 1.7 (not 1.6)?
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    Shows 1.7 in About dialog
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    Oh this sucks! Defining ".met" and ".Met" does indeed work at the 680 with 1.7.

    (BTW: Just because you have ".met->meeting" does not automatically give you ".Met->Meeting")
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    [Cross post from another thread .. this seems more appropriate.]

    Does ShortCut5 work with Treo 680? I installed without difficulties using Mac and MissingSync. It asked for a reset and rebooted just fine. It shows up in the Application View's info... panel.

    But I think due to the new prefs app, I can't get at the ShortCut5 pref panel to start setting up my shortcuts!

    Does this mean ShortCut5 does not work for 680?? .. or simply that I need to configure my shortcuts using a file that I sync with the Treo?

    Gawd, I hope this works, I LIVE by keyboard macros!!
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    Found it, sorry! Didn't scroll down enough. Doh!
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    Just in case: yes it works
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    Hey, I've discovered a nifty trick, I think.

    I was concerned about disambiguating the shortcuts: .br for breakfast and .b for bulls**t, for example. SC5 would not allow that 'cause the .br would expand before typing the desired .br shortcut.

    The answer for me was to realize I could end all the shortcuts with a blank! So now .b<sp> and .br<sp> fix that.

    It works nicely with the expansion nicely too, letting me optionally include the blank in the expansion, so the <sp> really is for free, so to speak. In other words, all my shortcuts and their associated expansions are generally words or end a word.

    Love this app, thanks Mark!!
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    nice find! thanks for sharing... This solves a lot of hassle.

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