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    My girlfriend got her 680 yesterday. Quite a step up from her 600.

    However, comparing it to my 650, I've noticed that lots of the graphics are much sharper. The crispness difference between the 650 and 680 is not quite as stark as the diff between a 600 and 650... but it still makes me jealous.

    But I can't help but wonder... how come my 650 doesn't look/behave like her 680? They have the same resolution and almost the same OS version (I have 5.4.7 and she has 5.4.8). I don't see any reason why my phone can't look like hers.

    Back in the "old" days when I owned an original PalmPilot, Palm would release OS updates and they'd work the same on all of their devices. The only time Palms with the same OS looked different was when the had different capabilities, like when the Palm IIIc had color, or the Sony's had double the resolution, or the Tungstens had the long screen.

    This is the first time I've compared two similarly-capable PalmOS devices with seemingly the same OS and found them markedly different in appearance and behavior.

    What's the deal with this? Is Palm now deliberately preventing the updated graphics and features from installing on their legacy hardware just to inflate demand of their current product?

    By all indications, it looks like, if I want an OS update (that contains actual functional/appearance improvements and not just bug fixes), I have to buy a whole new phone.... is that it?
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    What's Palm's motivation to continue to develop for the 650? It's currently pretty damn stable. They would be wasting resources that could be writing and testing future code.

    Palm OS has gotten pretty device-dependent in the last few years. Besides, it's possible that Palm changed the LCD or digitizer which is making the 680 appear sharper.
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    Well, the 680 is actually running 5.4.9 I think. But I'm also noticing a change in the display panel too. It does seem sharper and colors are much more brilliant. So, some of these changes may be due to available components at design time. Some will be due to software, and may not be backported to previous devices. Bear in mind, too, that the 680 has significant memory changes. I'm betting there's a little more headroom in the flash too. It's nice when features and enhancements can be backported, but it isn't always possible or feasible.
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    700p also look sharper. I think the 680 and 700 use the same screen, and it's sharper and brighter than the 650's.
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    Well, if I'm feeling adventurous enough, I might just open up my 680 to see if swapping the screen into a 650 would be possible and make any difference...hahaha! Never noticed the difference with a 700p I once had, as it had a broken screen and I swapped a 650 one in there.
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    too funny.... Franken650

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