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    I started out with an original PalmPilot (remember the big boxy one?), and have migrated my data and apps through a Pilot Pro, a IIIx, IIIc, V, and then a Treo 270, 600, and now a 650.

    At various times, the new Desktop software would complain about a few old incompatible apps and would delete them. Other than that, my Treo is the equivalent of a PC that was installed fresh with Windows 3.1, then upgraded to 95, then 98, then ME, then XP. The result is that, when I use any tool like filez or myWB to see all of the resources, there's *tons* of stuff that I don't recognize and I'm sure a lot of it is now crud I don't need.

    For some reason, I'm now inspired to yank out all of the apps and manually put them back on, one by one.

    My initial thought was just to rename my hotsync backup directory and then create a new, empty one. Then, do a hard reset or zero-out, and then manually put pdc/pdb's into the install tool and hotsync.

    The problem I have with that is that I expect I'll go insane trying to keep track of all of the pdc/pdb's that belong together (since I'd want to install those at the same time).

    Are there any Windows tools that can look at all of the files in my hotsync backup dir and group them by their applicationID or authorID or whatever it is they use? Alternatively, does anybody know of a good PalmOS app that finds all of the "orphaned" crap on your handheld?

    Or... does anybody want to suggest a better method for doing what I'm after?
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    There are some thoughts related to this issue in this thread:

    I recently upgraded from a 600 to 650 and followed Jack's suggestion (third post in thread). You seem to have nearly the "right" idea already, except that you need to put UnInstall manager to work to reduce these problems in the future. Install each new app to RAM first, and then use as many of its features as possible before transferring it to the SD card, since this allows UIM to identify files generated by the main program. I use ZLauncher to transfer the programs across from RAM to the Card, and I dont know if I just didnt notice it before on the 600, but on the 650, the transfer is very organised: A folder with the progs name is created in this SD card folder: Palm/Programs/ZLauncher/Apps/Program_Name and various files asociated with the main .prc file are placed there at the same time. I like it!

    When planning the upgrade originally, I noticed that many of the programs I was using had one separate .pdb file that was easily identifiable, so I just saved that separately and added it in later, without any problems. I lost a lot of prefs of course, since many programs pile them all together in the palm prefs file (eg SavedPreferences) - I didnt transfer that across, because I was updating, but you probably could.

    One program designer (for Adarian Money) had actually written a small program to extract his prog's prefs out of the compiled file, so that was very helpful.

    As for detecting and deleting orphaned files, Northglide (who put out Uninstall manager) also put out Cleanup for this very purpose. I find it a bit daunting to use myself, and you need to know what you're doing because you can end up deleting system files.

    I noticed the other day that some of the big vendors are offering package deals on a range of NorthGlide products designed to help keep excess in check.

    Hope this helps!

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