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    Wondering if anyone has tried the SD + USB drives with a 680. There are conflicting reports if (a) they are compatible with palm and (2) they fit inside the 680 SD's slot.

    a few examples of what i am talking about:
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    I was thinking of getting one of these when I get my 680. Let me know what you find out.
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    I have a SanDisk Ultra II 1Gb card installed. It works flawlessly (as I did on my Treo 650).

    Note that over time, the SanDisk Ultra II SD cards tend to lose the metal bars on the USB connector, which can make connections a pain.
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    I noticed SanDisk came out with a 2 Gb version. Aside from sat, anyone else have any of these? thoughts? comments?
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    This is a silly question, and I am sorry but I am new to Palm and the Treo. I just bought a 680 and was wondering what do you mainly use the SD card for? What is it that you need 1-4 gb of space for?

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    Music, movies, pictures, applications.
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    ah, yes that would be nice. Maybe I should invest in one! Are there any that stand out from others?

    Thanks again.
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    I have the sandisk one and until the write protect tab broke, it worked flawlessly. I hacked it with some scotch tape and all is well again on my 700p. I would imagine the card complies with the standard and thus you can use it on your 680 as well (it takes full SD, right?).

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