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    Every time I swap batteries with my 700p plugged into power it either power cycles the phone or does a full soft reset.

    What gives? My 650 never had any trouble with swapping batteries while plugged into power.
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    I can. Make sure you have it plugged into the AC and not the USB.

    Sprint Treo 700p
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    Hmm, I'll try it with the AC again, but I'm pretty sure it does it no matter what I've got it plugged into. Most of the recent times it has happened have been on USB power though. Again, my 650 never had trouble with swapping batteries while being powered off of a USB charger, does the 700p require more "juice"? USB is 5V right? How many mA does it put out?
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    I too was able to swap batteries with the phone plugged in but I did notice that it had to be quick only 2-3 seconds on the A/C before it would reset. Hope this helps.
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    while i swapped the batteries it powered off and then made a funny sound. then i saw funny characters on my screen. is that bad?
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    I think that this problem is indicative of a more serious charging problem on the 700p. Mine has now completely killed its battery and its working on killing my spare. It will not charge off of AC anymore, the only way to get it to charge is off of USB plugged directly into my PowerBook, it disables the ports on my powered Kensington USB 2.0 hub. Either there's something wrong in the hotsync/charging port of my 700p or there's something wrong internally with the charging system.

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