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    I ordered and received my graphite treo 680 unlocked from palm. i love the device because i am upgrading from a treo 600. Any way, the music cd doesnt seem to work properly cause i cant install pocket tunes deluxe. To top it off the head set seems to be broken as well, the right ear bud just doesnt work. i downloaded a higher level skin for pocket tunes and played with the output and set the audio output to the exact middle and far right with no success. Any ideas on what is wrong? Is it the treo or is the headphones
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    Maybe you need to get a 2.5mm adapter and try it with some "regular for sure working with other things" headphones - then you'd know what it was
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    Mine works very very well with regular headphones. I haven't opened the free ones yet, why bother since I know it won't sound nearly as good....... (for me of course)

    P-tunes deluxe also installed without problems.

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