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    I just upgraded my 650 to a 700p and one of the main features I was looking forward to was the ability to sync my contacts over the air. My problem is that it looks like the pictures aren't syncing. The manual says something about Palm storing the contact photo in a different field than Outlook, but that wasn't always the case. On my 650, if I added a pic to someone on the Treo, it showed up in Outlook after doing a HotSync and vice-versa. Now I'm stuck with a bunch of photo's in Outlook, but seemingly no way to use those on the Treo.

    Am I the only experiencing this or is there something stupid I'm doing wrong? Here's to hoping it's the latter.
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    im having the same problem here..700P..contacts with pictures..

    uses versamail and Exchange activesync..once i sync the treo on on my contacts are erased...

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