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    Good news!

    I know it's not supposed to, but the USB cable that came with my 680 does, in fact, charge it. It's plugged into a powered USB hub, which may be the reason why.

    I had plugged the cable into one of my Mac G4 Cube keyboard's USB ports and got an "insufficient power" warning popup. So I moved it to the powered hub and was surprised to see the 680's indicator light come on and its battery icon show the lightning bolt. A few hours later its light was green and it was fully charged!
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    It said so in the manual - good to hear confirmation
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    I've been charging via USB during the day all week, but last night I left it on USB and today when I grabbed my Treo in the AM it was at 5% (or less) battery. I'm thinking my USB port goes to sleep at night and cuts power. This is on an Intel Mac Mini. Has anyone seen this before or know how to resolve it? I'd rather not use the AC adapter if I can.
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    Well it's good to hear that the USB cable charges the 680. I went to a local Cingular store last night to check out the 680, they've had the demo unit out only 1 week and it was already having a problem with the charging cable - it didn't make a secure connection and wouldn't charge unless you held it in place just so. They had to swap out the charging cable to charge the unit. I never liked that feeble design.

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